Goebel, Fox, Bermann, Atik, Emmert, and Gerard's Cases and Materials on European Union Law, 4th

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European Union Law
American Casebook Series
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This classic casebook presents the governance and judicial structure of the European Union, together with its major substantive law fields of concern to students and practitioners, all as updated by the 2009 Treaty of Lisbon. Part I presents the history, institutional structure, principal Court constitutional doctrines, and its basic legal system. Teachers may choose among the other five parts to tailor their courses to their interests. Part II presents leading Court precedents and legislation intended to achieve the common market, later renamed the internal market. Part III comprehensively covers EU competition law and policy, of great concern to practitioners. The European Union’s external relations and trade policy is the subject of Part IV, while Part V presents the impact of free movement of capital and EU banking regulation, and the Monetary Union. Finally, Part VI presents several key policy areas—the harmonization of employment law, anti-discrimination rules, environmental protection, and civil and commercial litigation rules.