Gerhardt’s Learning Copyright Law: A Modular Approach to Intellectual Property

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Intellectual Prop-Survey
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This eBook is an ideal introductory text for anyone who wants to learn copyright law. While it explains the history, theory and policy justifications for copyright law, its focus is on supporting students in acquiring the practical skills they will need to face contemporary copyright challenges. The book is designed to help students develop the knowledge necessary to protect copyrighted works, optimize their economic value, and minimize risks of infringement. In addition to reading foundational copyright decisions and statutes, students will have the opportunity to apply what they learn to contemporary applications, including AI, films, text, photography, and software. Each chapter invites students to actively engage with copyright concepts by applying what they learn to new situations. Professor Gerhardt is an award-winning teacher and scholar, with decades of experience advising clients on copyright matters. Professor Gerhardt’s clarity in explaining complex copyright concepts makes this book an ideal choice for law students, law clinics, business school students and anyone else who is curious to learn how copyright law animates our creative environment.