Galves, Imwinkelried, and Leach's Evidence Simulations: Bridge to Practice, 2d

West Academic Publishing
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Bridge to Practice
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Softbound - New, softbound print book.


This volume is designed to enable the professor to incorporate in-class simulation exercises in a podium Evidence course. Its eleven chapters take the students through each major area of Evidence law and give the students an opportunity to engage in pretrial evidentiary planning, arguments on evidentiary issues, and trial segments. All the exercises are based on two straightforward case files, one civil and one criminal. In some exercises, the students play the attorney roles. In other cases, the students view videotaped trial segments, pose objections, and make arguments either in favor of or in opposition to the objection. Each chapter begins with a set of "points to remember" to help the students develop basic trial advocacy skills at the same time they are enhancing their understanding of Evidence law. The Teacher's Manual describes in detail how the exercises can be integrated into a traditional podium course. For example, the manual includes suggestions for setting up the room, assigning roles, and providing the students with feedback. An alternative version of the volume contains expanded case files for use in a course in which Evidence and Trial Advocacy are taught simultaneously.