Fuller, Eisenberg, and Gergen's Basic Contract Law, 11th, Concise Edition

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The Concise Edition is a streamlined version for a 4-unit course. Concision is achieved in three ways. As in earlier versions of the concise edition, coverage of some basic materials is shortened by eliminating note materials and cases and a few principal cases. Some materials are reduced to notes that cover the basics. Examples in the materials on remedies include the requirement of certainty for lost profits as consequential damages, damages for emotional distress, and restitution in favor of the plaintiff in default. Some materials are eliminated entirely. These include the materials on the non-enforceability of donative promises, past consideration, third party beneficiaries, and assignment. As with the basic edition, the concise edition retains rich, full-bodied versions of the principal cases, a functionalist approach to the problems of contract law, and analytical notes on such issues as the differences between classical contract law and modern contract law. The new edition includes new materials on interpretation, unilateral mistake, race in contract law, and consumer form contracts.