Fox and Martyn's Representing Clients: An Ethics Guide for Clinical Law Students and Emerging Lawyers

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Professional Resp/Ethics
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This concise and highly readable legal ethics guide addresses the lawyer’s obligation to represent clients zealously within the bounds of the law. It is designed for law students and other emerging lawyers working under the supervision of licensed lawyers both before and after they take a required professional responsibility course.

The Guide follows the course of clinical client representations, fleshing out the lawyer’s fiduciary obligations and the main bodies of law that limit client advocacy (crime, fraud, procedural, and evidentiary rules). It includes key “takeaways” following each section and 25 short hypotheticals designed to make the meaning of legal ethics concrete in the context of typical clinical experience.

The Guide can be used as an introduction, refresher, reference, and problem-solving source:
  • As an introduction to Professional Responsibility for students who have not yet taken the course or a refresher of the course for students engaged in contextual experiential learning;
  • As a reference designed to facilitate identification, discussion and resolution of ethics issues as they arise in representing clients;
  • As a set of hypotheticals designed to raise typical ethics issues that arise in experiential learning.