Fox and Crane's Global Issues in Antitrust and Competition Law, 2d

West Academic Publishing
Primary Subject
Antitrust Law
Global Issues
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This up-to-date second edition spans the globe, presenting examples of competition law and analysis from six continents, nationally, regionally and internationally. The book covers competition law and analysis from six continents, presenting materials in a manner that the student (or scholar or practitioner) can understand the roots of the law as well as the roots of divergences among jurisdictions. It covers developed and developing countries, private firm and state restraints, and domestic and global restraints. For cross-border restraints, it covers issues of extraterritoriality, efforts at cooperation and convergence, and theories of global governance. The book covers all of the substantive categories: cartels, other competitor agreements, mergers, vertical agreements, and mergers; and new economy, high tech, and intellectual property issues. Jurisdictions featured include the European Union, China, and South Africa.

"This volume is a majestic survey of an issue whose time has truly come. It will not only be a building block in the enterprise of aligning global markets and national antitrust; it is a veritable world tour of the rules and practices that already propel that world further and map out its future direction."
—David Lewis, Executive Director, Corruption Watch, Johannesburg, and Inaugural Chairperson of the South African Competition Tribunal