Fisher and Devins's Political Dynamics of Constitutional Law, 6th

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Constitutional Law
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Political Dynamics of Constitutional Law is a different kind of constitutional law textbook. Unlike others, this book does not focus exclusively on Supreme Court decisions. It goes beyond that, showing how the Supreme Court is not the “final word” on the meaning of the Constitution. It features 39 case studies that demonstrate conclusively that the process is far more open-ended, with no one branch occupying an exclusive and dominant position. Each case study is written in an accessible and engaging style, including a detailed introductory essay as well as excerpts of briefs, oral arguments, presidential orders and signing statements, and legislative debates and reports. All excerpts are edited to make them highly readable. The book is completely up to date, featuring case studies on Affordable Care Act, same sex marriage, Obama and Trump immigration orders, and recess appointments as well as significant revisions to case studies on federalism, separation of powers, foreign affairs, privacy, and race. If you are looking for a different approach to teaching Constitutional Law, one that will interest students of all backgrounds and at all levels, this book provides a roadmap to do it.