McMahon, Simmons, Luke, and Wells's Federal Income Taxation of Corporations, 5th

Foundation Press
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University Casebook Series
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The 5th Edition explores the federal income taxation of corporations and their shareholders and can be used in a variety of courses covering corporate taxation at either the J.D. or LL.M. level. Numerous important revisions to the statutory structure over the past few decades—the changing magnitude of the capital gain preference, the preferential rate for dividends, the 2017 reduction to the corporate tax rate, a maximum individual rate now substantially higher than the maximum corporate rate, and repeal of the General Utilities rule providing nonrecognition of gain upon the distribution of property by a corporation—have changed dramatically the important issues. Most chapters and sections of chapters are introduced by a textual discussion or outline of the basic issues and structure of the statute governing treatment of the particular item or transaction covered in the chapter or section. This is followed by a principal case reading, generally a judicial decision but sometimes an IRS ruling or legislative history excerpt. A Detailed Analysis follows the principal case reading and is intended to facilitate the professor’s ability to tailor the class to the needs of a particular course through selecting portions of that analysis. Class Discussion Problems are incorporated directly into the text. In selecting and organizing the materials, we have attempted to maximize the usefulness of these materials for whatever approach the professor wishes to adopt—an intensive technical analysis, a problem-oriented method, a consideration of the policies that underlie the technical tax structure, or a survey of the principal elements of the federal income taxation of corporations.