Farnsworth, Sanger, Cohen, Brooks, and Garvin's Contracts, Cases and Materials, 10th

Foundation Press
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This classic casebook, now in its 10th Edition, offers first-year students a solid and inviting introduction to contract law, recognizing both the English and American common law traditions and bringing them into our age of statutes, most particularly the Uniform Commercial Code. Like earlier editions, the 10th Edition features carefully selected cases, well-tailored notes and problems, and authoritative textual discussions of major developments in current contract law. These include the meaning of assent and agreement (with particular focus on the online environment); attention to comparative and international approaches; and accessible discussion of theoretical underpinnings of contract doctrine, the importance of which remain a mainstay of this new edition. The casebook is ecumenical in its outlook, presenting a well-balanced approach that is usable by professors with a wide range of theoretical outlooks and pedagogical styles. Cases are situated within a variety of disciplines—history, economics, philosophy, and ethics—and present the law in a variety of typical settings—commercial, familial, employment, consumer, real estate and so on. The 10th Edition will feel familiar yet fresh to current users and both exciting and comfortable to newcomers.

Among the 10th Edition’s updates and revisions:
  • Extensive treatment of COVID-19 and contract law, including such areas as formation, unjust enrichment, unconscionability, material adverse change clauses, conditions, specific performance, impracticability, frustration, risk apportionment, and third-party beneficiaries
  • Updated and enhanced materials on electronic contracting
  • Coverage of such recent developments as the 2022 amendments to the Uniform Commercial Code and the Restatement of Consumer Contracts
  • New cases and comments suitable for discussions of how such topics as race and class affect, and are affected by, contract law
  • Added problems in the casebook on applications of contract doctrine, in line with upcoming changes to the Multistate Bar Examination