Farber and Carlarne's Climate Change Law, 2d (Concepts and Insights Series)

Foundation Press
Primary Subject
Environmental Law
Concepts and Insights
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Climate Change Law is the first book to offer a concise, readable treatment of this entire rapidly evolving body of law. Climate law runs the gamut from state and local regulations to federal policies and international agreements and includes both public and private sector involvement. This issue is just too important to leave to specialists alone. The focus is on core concepts of climate change law rather than all of the complex details. The book begins by discussing the scientific and policy issues that frame the legal scheme, including the state of climate science, the meaning of the social cost of carbon, and the variety of tools that are available to reduce carbon emissions. It then covers in turn the international, national, and state efforts in this sphere. Finally, the book turns to the challenge of adapting to climate change, before exploring the concept of geoengineering and the potential challenges associated with using geoengineering as a tool for addressing climate change. The new edition covers major developments such as the Supreme Court’s decision in West Virginia v. EPA, Trump Administration rollbacks and their subsequent fates, climate litigation brought by state and local governments, and the implementation of the Paris Agreement. The book is designed to be accessible to a broad range of readers, not just those who have backgrounds in climate science, environmental economics, or law.