Farber, Carlson, and Boyd's Cases and Materials on Environmental Law, 10th

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Environmental Law
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American Casebook Series
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The Tenth Edition provides up-to-date treatment of climate change issues across different statutes. This classic casebook provides students with a thorough understanding of all major environmental regulatory schemes as well as insight into current policy controversies. The book pays particular attention to the dynamics involved in the creation and implementation of environmental law, focusing on interest group challenges, the proper role of agencies in implementing complex statutes and the involvement of courts in determining how deferential to be to agency implementation. The book covers the latest appellate and Supreme Court cases involving interstate air pollution, climate change, wetlands and takings, as well as major recent regulatory changes. This edition provides revised treatment of the toxics materials to reflect recent legislative changes, and other chapters reflect important decisions such as UARG. Full attention is given to Obama Administrative initiatives and current efforts by the Trump Administration to roll them back.