Areen, Spindelman, Tsoukala, and Maldonado's Family Law, Cases and Materials, 7th

Foundation Press
Primary Subject
Family Law
University Casebook Series
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The Seventh Edition of Cases and Materials on Family Law offers students a comprehensive and engaging introduction to family law with a distinctive focus on how large-scale social inequalities structure, and are structured by, family law. The Seventh Edition spotlights issues of race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, trans, and class inequalities—often at their intersections—across the entirety of the book in ways that mark the book as squarely in the present, but informed by a sense of history to help students imagine the future of family law. The Seventh Edition features a revamped introductory chapter with voices from across the political spectrum designed to get students excited about the course from day one, along with new materials on children, especially child custody and welfare, and comprehensive engagement with assisted reproduction. For student experience, the Seventh Edition includes a range of experiential tools, including problems on the financial aspects of divorce and support and a comprehensive divorce negotiation exercise, that give students a taste for practice in the field.