Eskridge, Brudney, Chafetz, Frickey, and Garrett's Cases and Materials on Legislation and Regulation: Statutes and the Creation of Public Policy, 6th

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American Casebook Series
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The Sixth Edition offers a comprehensive and up-to-date introduction to the vital field of legislation and regulation. It addresses efforts by President Trump to curtail the powers of the administrative state, and new Supreme Court decisions reviewing challenges to these efforts under the Constitution and the Administrative Procedure Act. In addition, the Sixth Edition expands its celebrated treatment of statutory interpretation, examining recent debates among textualists, legal process advocates, and pragmatists about future directions of interpretation in a post-Scalia era. The new edition also creates separate chapters addressed to intrinsic interpretive doctrines (dictionaries and canons) and extrinsic doctrines (the common law, legislative background, and other statutes), with each chapter highlighting recent decisions by the Supreme Court. Finally, the Sixth Edition includes important updates on the law of the legislative process—notably developments addressed to equality in representation; racial and national origin vote dilution; political gerrymandering; and bribery of public officials. The Sixth Edition makes a uniquely rich contribution to the field: it is perfect for 1L Legislation and Legislation-Regulation (LegReg) courses, and it remains the go-to book for upper level courses.