Dysart's A Short & Happy Guide to Judicial Clerkships

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Let’s face it—there are many aspects of law school that resemble the secret menu at a restaurant. If no one lets your students in on the secrets of law school, they might miss out on career-building opportunities. Judicial clerkships certainly fall into this category. And, at many law schools, only the ultra-competitive federal appellate clerkships receive much promotion. But students should also know that there are a vast array of federal, state, administrative, Tribal, and international clerkship opportunities out there.

This book will walk your students through the secret menu of judicial clerkships. Capitalizing on her nearly two decades of working with judges, Professor Dysart has written this Guide to delve into the details of judicial clerkships including: what are clerkships and what different types of clerkships are available. The Guide then outlines the benefits of clerking and refutes common arguments against clerking. It provides detailed advice on determining which judges to apply to, how to research judges, how to compile effective clerkship applications, and how to interview for clerkships. The Guide concludes with information on making the most of the clerkship year and ethical considerations for clerks.

While the book is specifically geared toward future and current law students, it also offers advice for recent graduates seeking clerkships, career services offices, and professors who write letters of recommendations and advise students on clerkships.