Delgado, Saucedo, González, Stefancic, and Perea's Latinos and the Law: Cases and Materials, 2d

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Race And The Law
American Casebook Series
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The first casebook of its kind, Latinos and the Law: Cases and Materials addresses a rich array of topics that are relevant to the largest and most diverse ethnic minority group in the United States. Ranging from the legal and social construction of race, ethnicity, and gender, to language, education, immigration, stereotyping, workplace discrimination, and rebellious lawyering, the new edition highlights the Spanish colonization of Latin America to provide further context for the subsequent colonial treatment of its people and leaders by the United States.

Beginning with sociolegal histories of the main Latino/a subgroups, early sections of the book contextualize the Latino/a condition within the United States’ historical conquest of and hegemony over Latin American peoples, as well as their centurial immigration to the United States. Updated materials on immigration include recent border-control initiatives and rhetoric, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), and the controversial separation of asylum-seeking families from Central America. New materials on the workplace feature attacks on unionization, struggles over the minimum wage and fair pay, and one-sided abuse of H-2 visas. The book also contains new coverage of racial insults, stereotypes, popular culture, and inter-group tensions, including an emerging theory of multi-group oppression.

Throughout, Latinos and the Law utilizes theoretical approaches that have proven highly useful in understanding Latinos, such as the white-over-black (or black-white) binary of race in the United States, similar concepts of critical race theory and “LatCrit” theory, and the internal colony model of postcolonial theory.

With a wide selection of cases, statutes, documents, notes, questions, and bibliographic references, Latinos and the Law updates a vital resource for scholars, teachers, and students interested in understanding the largest and most diverse ethnic minority group in the United States.