Dau-Schmidt, Corrada, Cameron, Rosado Marzán, Oswalt, and Gely's Labor Law in the Contemporary Workplace, 4th

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Labor Law
American Casebook Series
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Labor Law in the Contemporary Workplace prepares students for the practice of labor law by introducing them to the principles of American labor law and many of the issues that labor attorneys face. The book is organized around contemporary problems as a means of teaching the core principles of labor law. Although the primary focus of the book is the National Labor Relations Act, considerable attention is given to the Railway Labor Act and public-sector labor laws because of their growing importance in contemporary practice. The fourth edition takes account of changes in the law since the first three editions were published and, in particular, new interpretations of the National Labor Relations Act by the National Labor Relations Board during the Biden Administration. The new edition includes edited versions of the Supreme Court’s recent decision in Glacier Northwest, Inc. v. Teamsters Local Union No. 174 (2023) and the Board’s recent decisions in Lion Elastomers LLC (2023), The Atlanta Opera, Inc. (2023), American Steel Construction, Inc. (2022), and Cemex Construction Materials Pacific, LLC (2023).