Cupples and Temple-Smith's Grammar, Punctuation, and Style: A Quick Guide for Lawyers and Other Writers - eBook with Quizzing

West Academic Publishing
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Legal Writing
eBook & Learning Library
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eBook & Learning Library - Lifetime digital access to the eBook, with the ability to highlight and take notes, and 12-month access to a digital Learning Library that includes self-assessment quizzes, leading study aids, an outline starter, and Gilbert Law Dictionary.


This guide is easy-to-read for all types of writers and includes notes for legal professionals. The authors consulted multiple grammar-related sources in their research, so readers would not have to. The book contains the following:
  • Rules of grammar and punctuation, with examples
  • Key grammatical terms necessary for understanding rules
  • Citations to grammatical and legal sources
  • Style tips
  • Self-test exercises and answers
  • An easy-to-use index
This version of the book is paired with West Academic’s Interactive Grammar and Usage Assessment, an online self-assessment tool. Students can work at their own pace in the cleanly designed digital format. The questions are broken into specific categories, so users can focus on particular topics where improvement might be needed. Right answers include an explanation of why an answer is correct. More importantly, the detailed explanations accompanying wrong answers provide a real opportunity for learning. The sophisticated, yet simple, user-interface provides students with many useful options:
  • Tracking progress through questions covering a specific subtopic
  • Viewing scores after completing a quiz
  • Marking specific questions for further review
  • Retaking a quiz any number of times