Ertman, Sjostrom, and Threedy's Contract Law: An Integrated Approach, 2d (Doctrine and Practice Series)

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Doctrine and Practice Series
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Contract Law: An Integrated Approach (Doctrine and Practice Series; 2nd ed. 2023) conveys traditional contract doctrine in a user-friendly format designed to reach 21st century students. Its integrated online and hard-copy elements provide a sophisticated interactive educational experience that professors can administer even in large classes. Each new topic starts with a short 5-minute video with gender and race-inclusive avatars that gives students a “mind map” or “scaffold” for the upcoming material. Short quizzes in the videos and at the end of each chapter provide online formative assessments of ascending difficulty. The hard-copy text poses questions before and after each case to direct attention to core issues and stimulate deeper thinking, and also features text boxes to define crucial legal terms or provide cross-references. 2nd edition innovations include increasing the font to improve readability, revising Ch. 5 to teach Statute of Frauds alongside the Parol Evidence Rule, moving contract modification to Ch. 3 on consideration, as well as new problems providing drafting and other transactional skills tailored to the new NextGen multistate bar exam. Both hard-copy and online materials are presented in a visually compelling format to keep students engaged. The book’s balance of time-tested classic cases and up-to-date opinions and pedagogy provides relevant fact situations and also illustrates the continuing relevance of venerable doctrines in new contexts such as online adhesion contracts.