Marcus, Sherman, Erichson, and Bradt's Complex Litigation: Cases and Materials on Advanced Civil Procedure, 7th

West Academic Publishing
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Complex Litigation
American Casebook Series
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Since 1985, this casebook has been the staple of Complex Litigation courses. It covers a wide variety of cases – civil rights, mass torts, securities, consumer rights – and provides a strong foundation for classroom coverage regarding any type of complex litigation. The new 7th edition retains the book's familiar broad coverage and basic format while adding coverage of important recent developments. In particular, the new edition has a full chapter devoted to Mutidistrict Litigation, which is increasingly prominent, and new cases interpreting the 2018 Rule 23 amendments. In addition, it includes new cases dealing with contemporary problems in e-discovery as well as the growing use of plaintiff fact sheets in MDL mass tort proceedings. The new edition also introduces a new co-author – Prof. Andrew Bradt of UC Berkeley, a leading scholar on MDL issues. The final chapter on arbitration has been reoriented to focus on ways in which arbitration clauses may keep some complex litigation – particularly class litigation – out of court.