Chow and Lee's International Intellectual Property, Problems, Cases, and Materials, 4th

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This new edition of the book is updated with the latest developments in the WTO, including the controversies created by the U.S. blocking of appointments of members to the Appellate Body and the U.S. trade war with China, the resulting concern over the WTO’s future and possible existential crisis, the proposed temporary waiver to TRIPS obligations during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the Appellate Body’s decision in the dispute over Australia’s plain packaging requirement. The new edition also adds significant new cases and controversies from the U.S., EU., and other countries, including:
  • comprehensive discussion of Article 17 of the EU Directive on copyright and related rights in the Digital Single Market,
  • India’s first grant of a compulsory license to a patented drug,
  • the EU’s revocation of the EU trade mark for the shape of the iconic Ferrari 250 GTO,
  • the UK’s rejection of trade mark protection for “Nosecco,” and
  • the challenges businesses face in combating counterfeit products sold online in China.

This edition remains concise and retains the features of the first that made it popular: clear expositions of the law and many short, practical, and straightforward problems that liven class discussions and draw home the lessons to the students. The casebook contains many excerpts of major international intellectual property treaties and can be used without the Documents Supplement. Students who wish to have the full text of the treaties can supplement their study with the comprehensive Documents Supplement.