Chase, Hershkoff, Silberman, Sorabji, Stürner, Taniguchi, and Varano's Civil Litigation in Comparative Context, 2d

West Academic Publishing
Primary Subject
Civil Procedure
American Casebook Series
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This book is designed to introduce the varieties of litigation systems in use in different modern states. It opens with a treatment of the principal differences among the major civil litigation systems. Subsequent chapters cover the organization of courts and the legal profession, the role of the attorney and the judge, the processes of learning and proving facts, short cuts to judgment and provisional remedies, the appellate process, enforcement of judgments, and the prospects for convergence and harmonization. The book can be used as (i) an adjunct to an introductory civil procedure course; (ii) the text for an upper-class seminar in comparative procedure; and (iii) as a supplement to the existing general comparative law casebooks. The author team on the second edition includes scholars and practitioners from Germany, England, Italy, Japan, and the United States.