Fox and Crane's Cases and Materials on U.S. Antitrust in Global Context, 4th

West Academic Publishing
Primary Subject
Antitrust Law
American Casebook Series
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The casebook welcomes on board Daniel A. Crane, University of Michigan. The Fox/Crane casebook is rich with political economy, economics, global perspective, and in general the analytics of solving contemporary antitrust problems in the United States and the world. Useful in a 3 or 4-credit course and as a desk book, the volume features the contemporary debates about big data platforms and their antitrust accountability, all of the landmark U.S. antitrust cases, the debate about goals, the effects of new technologies, and references to converging and diverging European, South African and other jurisprudence. It provides a clear presentation of the tools for analysis, examining assumptions that may influence outcomes. The work is unique in its probing questions that explore the line between hard competition and abuse of power, and its problem sets for analysis and debate.