Estreicher, Harper, and Fasman's Cases and Materials on Employment Discrimination and Employment Law, the Field as Practiced, 6th

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Employment Discrimination
American Casebook Series
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This casebook provides considerable flexibility for an instructor teaching employment discrimination law, employment law, or a combination of both topics. It includes an in-depth treatment of Title VII, the ADA, and the ADEA, as well as chapters on sexual orientation and gender identity discrimination, affirmative action and retaliation. It introduces the concept of employment-at-will, and contractual and tort-based exceptions. This casebook also provides an overview of laws relating to workplace injuries, as well as chapters on wage and hour law, compensation discrimination, and employee classification or misclassification. It also includes a chapter on employee duties to the employer. A chapter on privacy reflects recent legislative initiatives at the state level, and an analysis of electronic intrusions by the employer. Professors Estreicher and Harper both served as Reporters for the Restatement on Employment Law and Zachary D. Fasman adds 50 years of practical experience in major law firms.

Cases are accompanied by explanatory notes and questions for further discussion. A separate Statutory Supplement provides primary source material for use with this book.