Carrillo's Cases and Materials on California Community Property Law: Marriage, Property, Code, 11th

West Academic Publishing
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Community Property
American Casebook Series
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The 11th edition casebook is reworked and updated for ease of adoption and use. Readers are introduced to the California community property system with the most current materials.

Basic topics covered are (in order of appearance): contractual modification (Chapter 1); property characterization (Chapters 2 and 3); limits of the California community property system (Chapter 4); apportioning commingled assets (Chapter 5); management and control rights and duties (Chapter 6); dissolution (Chapters 7 and 8); and death (Chapter 9).

New topics covered are (in order of appearance): gifts; bank accounts; personal injury settlements; the rights and duties of nonmarried partners; different types of management and control rights; creditors’ rights; the relationship between management and control and domestic violence restraining orders; disclosure rights and duties during marriage and at dissolution; and nonprobate transfers. Recent legislation on date of separation is included; cases abrogated by that new legislation are identified. Current statutes appear in the text for ease of reference.

Three appendices give context. Appendix A includes relevant statutes from the following California Codes (in order of appearance): the Family Code, the Civil Code, the Corporations Code, the Probate Code, and the Civil Procedure Code. Appendix B provides students with the California Judicial Council Forms necessary to commence a dissolution proceeding. Appendix C provides example business valuation materials.