Caplan's An Integrated Approach to Constitutional Law, 3d

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Constitutional Law
University Casebook Series
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This groundbreaking casebook is ideal for introductory Constitutional Law courses of 3–5 units that teach both structure and rights. Its novel approach presents constitutional law as a coherent system, not as isolated doctrines in silos. The unique organization reflects latest advances in the science of learning, taking advantage of various techniques (including interleaving and spaced repetition) that allow students to learn the relationships among doctrines while studying the details of each.
  • The book integrates subjects ordinarily taught in Con Law I and II.
  • It integrates historical and doctrinal approaches.
  • It integrates features of a casebook and a study guide, including unique features (very popular with students) labelled Kickstarters, Flashbacks, and Flashforwards.
  • The principal cases are transparently edited and introduced with informative background material so that each opinion acts as an involving human story, not a mere vehicle for stating isolated bits of doctrine.
  • Its tone is accessible, while its structure allows for sophisticated classroom discussion.
  • Students love the book. Over several semesters, Prof. Caplan’s students were asked to anonymously compare the book to other casebooks. 37% said the book was “better” than casebooks assigned in other classes, and 45% said it was “a lot better.”

The Third Edition incorporates significant cases decided after the Second Edition was published in 2018 (including Dobbs and the Trump Subpeona cases) and adds additional historical material to several pre-existing cases. Of course, the features of the casebook that made it a student favorite have been retained.