Calabresi and Lawson's The U.S. Constitution: Creation, Reconstruction, the Progressives, and the Modern Era

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The U.S. Constitution: Creation, Reconstruction, the Progressives, and the Modern Era (1st ed. 2020), is the most complete, historically grounded, and originalist and textualist casebook account of the original Constitution, Reconstruction Amendments, and modern constitutional developments. The book contains unique background on the drafting and ratification of the Constitution that puts all subsequent doctrinal developments into context. It follows the text of the Constitution, starting with the Preamble and ending with the Twenty-Seventh Amendment, containing material on literally every clause in between – which, astonishingly, is done by no other casebook. It provides the historical evolution of important areas of doctrine without sacrificing coverage of modern law. And, given the Supreme Court’s recent and likely continuing turn towards originalism, the book contains extensive treatment of original meaning by two of the academy’s leading originalist theorists, while also providing ample material on the many other modalities of interpretation that drive constitutional doctrine. Furthermore, this casebook delves deeply into the separation of powers, federalism, and Reconstruction, with an historical and theoretical focus that no other book can match.

The casebook is co-written by two former Scalia clerks, Steven Gow Calabresi and Gary Lawson. Both authors are highly accomplished scholars who have published numerous university press books, law review articles and casebooks. They know how a casebook differs from a university press book or a law review article, and this makes their casebook very user-friendly. This new edition also takes account of the two newest appointees to the Supreme Court, Justices Gorsuch and Kavanaugh, and is thus up to date on Supreme Court case law as it stood when the Supreme Court adjourned in the summer of 2019.