Berman's 1L Success: Becoming a Lawyer, a Professional Identity Formation Workbook

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Career Success
Academic and Career Success Series
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Starting law school? Midway through 1L and trying to make sense of “legal-ease" and get a head start on what professors will want on exams? The book is for you! This is your 1L success companion.

Law school is hard but so worth it. You will be earning a degree that opens doors for a lifetime. You will be earning a license that allows you to change lives and better the world.

The book will help as you move along your success journey. This path is different from academic achievements in the past; law professors teach and test differently than in other academic settings. Law school is a place where you will learn to think more logically and problem solve within the guidelines of law and ethics. The better sense you have of what's really going on and how to maximize your own potential beginning in 1L, the better off you will be.

Yes, you will be learning law, in subjects such as criminal law, torts, and contracts and many others. But in addition to learning rules of law, you want to learn rules of the game and skills that will make you a great lawyer. And, you want to be confident that you are on track. Your mindset and your approach are key.

Take a moment now to think about what kind of a person you would want to hire if you had a legal problem today—if you got arrested or were sued and needed help. Now take another moment and ask what kind of lawyer you will be?

1L Success: Becoming a Lawyer, a Professional Identity Formation Workbook takes you through the entire 1L year, providing solid and invaluable tips, along with reflections so that you can take a deeper look and find deeper meaning (and greater rewards!) from all the effort you are putting in.

The book also talks about how to find the motivation and inspiration to study when you are not feeling it (and you won’t every day). We’ll look at proven strategies to overcome challenges and techniques to help you achieve your success goals.

Wherever you are in the process, if you are thinking about applying to law school, are about to start, or are well into your first year, this book will help you be the best first year law student you can be —and enjoy the process along the way!

The book is also a great gift for a friend or family member who is about to start or has started law school.