Benfield and Greenfield's Sales, Cases and Materials, 8th

Foundation Press
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Comml Law-Sales And Leases
University Casebook Series
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The new edition of this popular casebook is thoroughly updated and refreshed, adding nine new cases and numerous notes to replace old ones and address additional issues.

The objectives of the Eighth Edition remain very much the same as they were for its predecessors. First, to help the student develop the skills of statutory analysis by engaging with a comprehensive Code that contains critical definitions and numerous cross references. Second, to help the student understand the substantive law of sales.

The materials consist of cases, text, notes, questions, and problems. The cases have been selected for their effectiveness as teaching materials. The text and notes explain the business background of the disputes. The questions push the student to understand and, often, challenge the reasoning of the courts. The problems require the student to apply the learning of the cases to new situations. The student must master the intricacies of the Code and dig deeply into the language of the statute and the Official Comments, working back and forth among the various sections that are relevant to the solution. The book is suitable for use in both upper-level and first-year courses. For teachers who so prefer, the course can be taught almost entirely through use of the problems.