Beckman, Crump, and Galves's Evidence: A Contemporary Approach, 4th (Interactive Casebook Series)

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Interactive Casebook Series
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The fourth edition of this book presents the Federal Rules of Evidence, as amended through December of 2019, in a clear and concise manner that is accessible and engaging to both professors and students. Each chapter begins with an explanation and rationale for the chapter's topic. The applicable rule or rules of evidence are also replicated at the beginning of the relevant sections, eliminating the requirement that students purchase a separate book of rules. The chapters continue to feature fresh visual presentations and layouts by use of text boxes, diagrams, and color-border segregated features. The book's most distinguishing feature, however, is still the accompanying electronic version with links to multiple-choice questions. The fourth edition contains a revised Appendix with the complete set of the Federal Rules of Evidence eliminating the need for students to purchase a supplement. The fourth edition also utilizes additional and improved logic maps to assist students in their evidentiary analysis.