Bahadur's Civil Procedure, An Active Learning Approach, 2d

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Civil Procedure
American Casebook Series
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This book incorporates modern pedagogy principles and active learning. It employs a directed reading approach to flip every class session resulting in higher student readiness and doctrinal understanding. Alternative contextualization, spaced repetition and interleaving are employed in every lesson to facilitate student cognitive schema formation. Active learning exercises result in students reading the rules more carefully and creating deeper and more meaningful context for the rules they are learning than when using traditional, passive casebooks. Formative assessment is continuous and expertly incorporated into the book’s structure such that students continuously receive extensive feedback about their learning without any extra labor expenditure on the professor’s part. Because active learning at its core, is a constructivist pedagogy that recognizes student learning is achieved through engagement with content rather than hierarchical delivery of information, every chapter in this book and the accompanying directed reading questions are carefully designed discovery sequence exercises that result in deep and efficient understanding of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and the cases interpreting those rules in significantly fewer pages than is possible with traditional casebooks. Finally, the book is deliberately designed to be used in both the traditional law school classroom and in the synchronous or asynchronous online setting if the professor chooses to use online instruction rather than traditional face to face instruction methods.