Arnow-Richman and Ruan's Developing Professional Skills: Workplace Law

West Academic Publishing
Primary Subject
Employment Law
Developing Professional Skill
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Incorporating professional skills and ethics into the traditional workplace law course is a critical but challenging undertaking. This easy-to-use book simplifies the effort, offering eleven discrete exercises designed to help students develop skills in the key areas of drafting, counseling, negotiation and advocacy. Each exercise involves a different substantive area of workplace law, including covenants-not-to compete, wage and hour law, employment discrimination, whistleblower protection and general common law and tort principles. The book is flexible enough to supplement any doctrinal casebook, or can be used to teach a stand-alone skills course.

Students learn tasks such as:
  • Conducting an intake interview with a terminated employee
  • Drafting a discrimination complaint
  • Negotiating the terms of a non-compete agreement
  • Conducting a workplace investigation
  • Revising an employee handbook
  • Advising an employer on a legal compliance issue
  • Writing a demand letter in a collective wage and hour action