Ahlers's A Short & Happy Guide to Mindfulness

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A Short & Happy Guide to Mindfulness explains that the significant stresses accompanying the practicing of law begin before passing the bar exam and being sworn in; they begin during the first semester of law school. We know from countless surveys, reports, and statistics that lawyers and law students can use some help learning to cope with the stresses of the profession which are heaped on top of life’s other stresses. Practicing mindfulness, while not a panacea, can help.

This Guide explains what mindfulness is, and how and why lawyers ought to pay attention to what practicing it offers. Mindfulness does not suddenly melt all spousal disagreements, nor does it provide lottery tickets to cure all financial woes. Mindfulness can, however, offer a place of relative calm from which to view the dizzying pace of life, a place closer to the eye than to the edges of the storm.

Members of our profession must learn to take better care of ourselves. Eating right, staying hydrated, regular exercise, play, and sleep are all paramount; so is practicing mindfulness. Let this little book help you in a big way.