Baicker-McKee and Janssen's A Student's Guide to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, 2024-2025

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Civil Procedure
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What Makes A Student's Guide to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure Different?
  • Text of the Rules, Title 28, and Constitution: Like most supplements, the Student’s Guide supplies the primary material your students need—the text of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (as amended through December 1, 2023), the frequently-consulted sections of the U.S. Judiciary Code (as amended through February 1, 2023), and the text of the U.S. Constitution. But where most supplements stop, A Student’s Guide continues on….
  • PLUS… Student-Friendly Orientation to Each Rule: What many students often find challenging in studying Civil Procedure—and what is less likely to be found in either a casebook or a conventional study aid—is an understanding of how each Rule fits into the master scheme of federal civil practice generally. A Student’s Guide offers students that very guidance. Three features follow the text of each Rule:
    • "How This Rule Fits In" explains for students the broad context of each Rule and the role each plays in federal civil practice;
    • "The Architecture of this Rule" guides students in unpacking the structure of those Rules that are especially long and confusing;
    • “How This Rule Works in Practice” helps students understand each Rule’s application, subpart by subpart, in the real-world, practical life of practicing attorneys.
  • PLUS… Citations to Interpretative Case Law: Also unlike most other Rules Supplements, A Student's Guide provides students with select, leading interpretative case law analyzing the Rules and their subparts (current through February 2024). This, then, converts this resource into a "finding aid” of sorts, as students work through applied problems in the context of the Rules.
  • PLUS… A “Getting Started” Overview to Federal Practice Concepts: Because many of the related core concepts of federal practice are an amalgam of law found in Rules, statutes, constitutional provisions, and case law, A Student's Guide consolidates those disparate sources with quick, orienting discussions of central practice concepts like personal jurisdiction, subject-matter jurisdiction, removal, venue, forum non conveniens, the Erie Doctrine, and claim and issue preclusion, allowing students to acquire a broad view of those challenging topics.
  • PLUS… A Handy Overview of Federal Appellate Practice:A Student’s Guide also includes a concise, student-friendly overview of federal appellate practice.
  • PLUS… A Helpful Orientation to the Rulemaking Process:A Student’s Guide also includes a brief orientation for students to the process of federal rulemaking, how the Rules originally came into existence, and how they are amended.