Write for the Bar - February 2023

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Enroll Now for $195 – Introductory Pricing


Enroll Now for $195 – Introductory Pricing

Write for the Bar
Learn, practice, and become and expert at the written portion of the Uniform Bar Exam in an adaptive online learning environment that provides the high-quality guidance of a tutor at an accessible price. 
After over a decade helping students successfully pass the bar exam, The High Bar® founder Alisa Geller took her unique perspective of students’ needs and her deep understanding of the bar exam and teamed up with the best in tech to create a unique learning environment filled with legal knowledge and strategy for how to pass the MPT and the MEE.


Adaptable Content
The Guided Tour is a dynamic and adaptive learning environment that helps you study more efficiently. Using our unique algorithm, the Guided Tour automatically presents you with the bar exam essays that emphasize your weaker subtopics so you can learn, review, and improve. The Guided Tour also includes Mystery Essays which are intended to give you the same surprised sensation you would experience opening your test booklet.
The included Flashcards present the law clearly and concisely so memorizing and writing the rules is a breeze. You can take notes and create a custom flashcard deck to review.
To make practice tests as realistic as possible, Write for the Bar uses real questions from past bar exams, licensed from the NCBE.

Rule Funnel™ Method
The Rule Funnel method helps you maximize your response points with a visual study guide that demonstrates how to formulate your essay and teaches you to make meaningful and intelligent connections between what you are asked, the facts that are presented, and the law.

Tutor Tips
Tutor Tips highlight the key elements in exam questions and shows how a legal expert would analyze them. You’ll quickly learn how complex legal issues are tested, how to trigger cognitive recall, and identify the little facts that make a big difference in the answers you give.

Custom Dashboard
All scores are recorded in a custom dashboard so you can track your progress and performance in each of the MEE subjects and refine your study while personalized achievements and goals keep you motivated.