Wadlington, O'Brien, and Wilson's Statutory and Documentary Supplement on Domestic Relations: Selected Uniform Laws, Model Legislation, Federal Statutes, State Statutes, and International Treaties, 2017 Edition

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Family Law
University Casebook Series
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In teaching and in practicing family law, the availability of pertinent codified material and recent commentary is indispensable. This compendium of statutory materials supplements the casebook by these same authors. The book is divided into four sections: (1) Uniform Laws and Model Legislation, (2) Federal Statutes, (3) State Statutes, and (4) International Treaties. These four sections illustrate the evolving perspective of family law, nationally and internationally. Included are statutes addressing, among others topics, premarital and marital agreements, testimony by minors, professional responsibility standards, mediation and arbitration, proof of paternity and surrogacy, and international treaties to protect children and women. Each statute is preceded by citations to pertinent legal periodicals, providing explanation and parameters for practice. As a quick reference or to provide a survey of what has been legislated to address a particular situation, this compendium of codes and commentary is an indispensable complement to the classroom or to practice.