Wadlington, O'Brien, and Wilson's Domestic Relations, Cases and Materials, 8th

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Family Law
University Casebook Series
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The Eighth Edition progresses from the format of earlier editions by continuing to provide cases from state, federal and international courts that integrate the scope and dynamism of family law. There are references to uniform, state, federal and international code provisions and there is available a companion book offering additional statutes and uniform laws that may be integrated into the family law course. It incorporates problems to test students’ understanding of the material, and it is compatible with courses of two, three, or four credits. Familiar topics of past editions have been retained and the cases and materials updated to include all of the changes that have occurred. Among the topics addressed are:
  • Adoption of Same-Sex Marriage, Benefits and Parentage Opportunities
  • Contemporary Challenges to Free Exercise
  • Nonmarital Agreements, Pre and Postnuptial Agreements
  • Assisted Reproductive Technology, Posthumous Conception, and Disposition of Embryos
  • Division of Nonmarital and Marital Property upon Dissolution of Relationship
  • Marital Support, Support for Children under Guidelines in Civil and Community Property
  • Parental Custody of Children, Visitation, Relocation, Enforcement, and Modification
  • Parental Rights of Nonmarital Partners
  • Termination of Parental Rights, Reunification Services, and Adoption of Children and Adults