Fort's Vision of the Firm, Its Governance, Obligations, and Aspirations, A Textbook on the Ethics of Organizations, 3d, with Vignettes

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Business Law
Higher Education Coursebook
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This coursebook, written by a top scholar in the business law area, contains the complete summary of the leading theories of business ethics today. The book’s approach to business ethics aims to clarify values, to create ethical awareness, to provide a decision-making model, and to address how to build ethical business cultures.

This book is designed to help students create a skill in ethical decision-making and building ethical culture. The book draws students into the material by providing experiences that allow them to tell their own stories and to define their own business ethics. It provides student examples of how to apply the frameworks and decision-making models so that the "how-to" is clear.

The new edition has been updated to make it more relevant and interesting to business ethics students. This edition dramatically expands coverage of issues pertaining to gender equity and related to race relations and diversity issues. The third edition also introduces an entirely new section on white collar crime as well as expanded treatment of behavioral ethics: how our psychological, cognitive biases undermine our ability to make good decisions.

The eBook text Ethics Vignettes accompanies the coursebook, and contains different examples of real life ethical situations in the business world. It features more than 75 vignettes related to seven different industries and ten different business school disciplines, and remains an important component to the third edition.