Garfield and Smolla's The First Amendment: A Contemporary Approach (Interactive Casebook Series)

West Academic Publishing
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First Amendment
Interactive Casebook Series
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This Interactive Casebook makes the study of First Amendment jurisprudence engaging and meaningful, while ensuring student learning is maximally effective. Highlights:
  • Builds solid foundation: Introductory chapters review fundamental concepts such as who the First Amendment restrains, what it protects, and why a rich jurisprudence is needed to mediate tensions between expressive and religious liberties and competing concerns.
  • Highlights value choices: Chapters are organized around value choices judges confront when balancing speech and religious interests against interests like safety, equality, reputation, and privacy.
  • Draws comparisons: Comparative examples illuminate the oppression in countries that lack freedom of speech and religion and illustrate how democracies vary in their treatment of these rights.
  • Stays current: Contemporary topics—from regulating social media to revenge porn, book bans, and restrictions on teaching critical race theory—impress students with the First Amendment’s continuing relevance.
  • Reinforces learning: Numerous “You Be the Judge” and “You Be the Lawyer” exercises provide opportunities to apply newly acquired knowledge. End-of-chapter assessment questions reinforce this learning.
  • Enriches learning with images and stories: Students don’t just read about a Ten Commandments monument or the Scopes trial; they see the monument and the dueling giants Darrow and Bryan. Students learn why Jehovah’s Witnesses figure prominently in First Amendment jurisprudence and consider why the ACLU’s Jewish director agreed to represent neo-Nazis.
  • Includes valuable study aids: As part of CasebookPlus™, students receive free online access to Barron and Dienes's First Amendment Law in a Nutshell; Power and Alexander's A Short & Happy Guide to the First Amendment; and Farber's The First Amendment from the Concepts and Insights Series.