Solar's Police Community Relations: A Conflict Management Approach

West Academic Publishing
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Police Administration
Higher Education Coursebook
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This book is written by a veteran police officer for current and future police officers as well as anyone who is seeking a deeper understanding of the role of the police in our American society. Comprehensive learning outcomes include:
• The ability to discuss what is meant by, and the need for, the rule of law.
• Knowledge of how and why the police have developed over time and the critical need for maintaining police-community relations in a democratic society.
• Discuss what is really meant by community-oriented policing and its relevancy with regard to police community relations.
• Identify the common sources of conflict that the police need to understand and cope with.
• Define what is meant by Emotional Intelligence and how it can be developed and enhanced.
• Describe what is meant by Humanistic Policing, a concept that takes the police beyond the limits of community-oriented policing.
• Identify the tactics of conflict management that can be employed by the police.
• Discuss the perspectives of the African American community and what the police can do to build better relationships with people of color.

Abundant instructor resources accompany the book including specific chapter learning outcomes, key terms, questions for discussion, power point presentations, and chapter tests.