Sandeen and Rowe's Selected Intellectual Property, Internet, and Information Law, Statutes, Regulations, and Treaties, 2023

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The 2023 edition of Selected Intellectual Property, Internet, and Information Law Statutes, Regulations, and Treaties, edited by Professors Sharon K. Sandeen and Elizabeth A. Rowe, gathers in one convenient volume all the statutes and related international agreements that law students and practicing IP attorneys most commonly consult to understand US and international IP law. The first part covers U.S. statutes and related materials organized by topic; the second part contains important international IP agreements organized alphabetically. As such, it can be used for multiple IP and information law courses throughout a law student’s legal education, including: IP survey; patent law; copyright law; trademark law; trade secret law, international IP; and internet law. To enhance understanding and provide important background information, textboxes are included at the beginning of each statute and treaty that impart insights regarding the history of various laws and recent or anticipated legislative activity. In this way, it is hoped that law students will learn more about the legislative process, the difference between a statute as enacted and as codified, and how to determine the effective dates of statutes.