Russo's The Law of Public Education, 10th

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Education Law
University Casebook Series
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The Tenth Edition of this textbook-casebook incorporates recent developments in K-12 Education Law into its conceptual framework by offering updated analysis of major topics in the field. The Tenth Edition added more than 500 case citations since 2014 along with substantive discussions of many of these suits. In addition, the book includes five new case excerpts of opinions on cutting edge issues addressing state aid to faith-based educational institutions in Chapter 2; whether communications by school board members via e-mail messages violate a state’s open meetings law in Chapter 4; the extent to which school boards may promote ballot initiatives in Chapter 4; transfer rules impacting student-athletes in interscholastic sports in Chapter 12; and the level of services school boards must provide students with disabilities in Chapter 15. Citations continue to include references to West’s Education Law Reporter, thereby making it easier for instructors, students, practitioners, and other readers to locate cases and materials.