Medill's Introduction to Employee Benefits Law: Policy and Practice, 5th

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Employee Benefits
American Casebook Series
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The Fifth Edition of INTRODUCTION TO EMPLOYEE BENEFITS LAW: POLICY AND PRACTICE has been updated to reflect the state of federal law as of August 1, 2018. The Fifth Edition features:
  • Revised and updated public policy trends and statistics;
  • New developments concerning governmental plans and church plans;
  • Revised and updated discussion of reporting and disclosure requirements and estoppel claims;
  • Expanded discussion of nonqualified plans under Code Section 409A;
  • The most recent statutory, regulatory, and litigation developments concerning the Affordable Care Act;
  • A revised and updated discussion of retiree health care plans;
  • The most recent Supreme Court decisions regarding retiree health care plans, ERISA fiduciary duties, the remedies available to private litigants, and ERISA preemption of state laws; and
  • Revised and updated Appendix material concerning the Internal Revenue Service forms used in a typical ERISA compliance practice.