Mashaw, Merrill, Shane, Magill, Cuellar, and Parrillo's Administrative Law, The American Public Law System, Cases and Materials, 8th

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Administrative Law
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The Eighth Edition of this course book preserves the essential organization familiar to its many users, while eliminating material rarely taught in courses on Administrative Law. The volume thus affords a clear treatment of classic doctrine along with new material on cutting-edge issues such as the due process implications of algorithmic decisionmaking and the implications of digital privacy for the reach of agency subpoena power. Following an introduction to the history, institutional context, and theory of administrative law, students are exposed to four main topics: the political control of administration by Congress and the executive branch; agency processes for adjudication and rulemaking; government access to and required disclosure of information; and judicial remedies for official illegality. Doctrinal analysis is enriched by case studies of the law in action in particular contexts.