Mann's Commercial Finance: A Transactional Approach

Foundation Press
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Corporate Finance
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University Casebook Series
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eBook & Learning Library - Lifetime digital access to the eBook, with the ability to highlight and take notes, and 12-month access to a digital Learning Library that includes self-assessment quizzes, leading study aids, an outline starter, and Gilbert Law Dictionary.


This eBook and Learning Library provides you with lifetime digital access to a downloadable eBook, 12-month online access to self-assessment quizzes tied to the casebook, three leading study aids, Gilbert® Law Dictionary and an outline starter. The included study aids are Secured Transactions in a Nutshell, Black Letter Outline on Secured Transactions and Secured Transactions Exam Pro, Objective.
The Commercial Finance book is designed to update (and replace) the course on “Secured Credit” traditionally taught in law school. By shifting the focus to commercial finance from Article 9, and by shifting the materials to emphasize pro-active document design and analysis as opposed to re-active case analysis, the book supports a course that is at once more consonant with the likely career paths of our students and at the same time more experiential than the doctrinal materials that they replace. Within the curriculum, the course parallels the course on corporate finance—covering all of the major types of lending to businesses that do not involve the public securities markets—and provides an excellent foundation for a commercial bankruptcy course.

This title is accompanied by online self-assessment quizzes, tied to the text, to help you gauge your understanding of the material.