Levy and Glicksman's Statutory Analysis in the Regulatory State

Foundation Press
Primary Subject
Administrative Law
Softbound - New, softbound print book.


This innovative skills supplement allows teachers in courses on administrative law or statutory and regulatory programs to supplement their substantive coverage with skills instruction in statutory analysis designed to reinforce the doctrinal coverage of their courses. Skills covered include working with statutes to understand statutory programs and develop a framework for analysis, using the framework to identify the key issues and operative terms, parsing the text to understand the operative terms in context, and developing interpretive arguments and analysis for ambiguous terms. The book uses a combination of explanatory materials, specific examples, practical exercises, and comprehensive problems to teach students how to analyze statutory issues. All of these materials are selected to reinforce the substantive coverage in courses such as Administrative Law, Regulation, and Legislation, including introductory first-year courses as well as upper level courses. The examples and exercises are based on leading statutes and cases for the modern regulatory state, and the materials are arranged and presented flexibly so the book can be used in a wide variety of courses and course designs.