Johnson's Economics, Equity and The Environment

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Environmental Law
Environmental Law Institute
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Economics, Equity, and the Environment examines major economic incentive and market-based environmental protection programs that are being implemented by governments, including pollution taxes, pollutant trading programs, regulatory waiver programs, subsidies, grants, loans and favorable tax treatment, and deposit/refund systems. It examines the advantages and disadvantages of each program, with special emphasis on the environmental justice impacts of the programs. Additional chapters in the book examine information disclosure laws, pollution prevention, and cost-benefit analysis, as each of those tools plays a vital role in market-based environmental protection and environmental justice concerns.

Economics, Equity, and the Environment is ideally suited for use in environmental law seminars, courses that deal with environmental justice, survey courses, economics and administrative law courses, and environmental law courses in business schools. Each chapter of the book has a theoretical, as well as practical, component, making this book to be of considerable assistance to attorneys in private practice and policymakers.