Interactive Legal Citation Assessment

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Legal Writing
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Using clear and correct Bluebook citation is a crucial skill for both law students and lawyers. West Academic’s Interactive Legal Citation Assessment—which covers proper citation for office and court documents, as well as law journal articles—both teaches and tests this critical legal skill.


Effective legal writers must possess a clear understanding of proper Bluebook citation for the sources that undergird their writing. West Academic’s Interactive Legal Citation Assessment both teaches and tests this crucial legal skill—and it does so for writers of office and court documents, as well as for writers of law journal articles. Mary B. Trevor, a legal writing professor with over two decades of experience, has crafted a collection of more than two hundred multiple-choice questions that focus on proper Bluebook citation. Trevor designed the questions to reflect—and to correct—the most common errors she saw during a career spent providing feedback to law students working to develop the specific, challenging, and important skills associated with legal citation.

Interactive Legal Citation Assessment is designed to be a self-assessment tool. Students can work at their own pace in our cleanly designed digital format. The questions are broken into specific categories, so users can focus on particular topics where improvement might be needed. Right answers include an explanation of why an answer is correct. More importantly, the detailed explanations accompanying wrong answers provide a real opportunity for learning.

The sophisticated, yet simple, user-interface provides students with many useful options:
  • Tracking progress through questions covering a specific subtopic
  • Viewing scores after completing a quiz
  • Marking specific questions for further review
  • Retaking a quiz any number of times

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