Goltz, Potter, Cocchiarella, and Gibson's Human Trafficking: A Systemwide Public Safety and Community Approach

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International-Human Rights
Higher Education Coursebook
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This book introduces an applied, systematic approach to human trafficking that covers all aspects of the problem in an informed and well-analyzed, social science sense. While most texts on the topic of human trafficking take a social theory, human rights/advocacy or victimization perspective on the topic, few take a pragmatic, "applied" systems-wide approach to human trafficking. It is a compilation of the components of the response to human trafficking by the diverse array of professionals that deal with this problem: investigators, prosecutors, judges, social service professionals, criminal justice professionals and educational institutions. As such, Human Trafficking stretches across multiple disciplines and is intended for multiple audiences within academia, as well as for practitioners in the field. It does this by suggesting a model and methods that can be used to address human trafficking systematically at the community and regional levels. This book is an ideal tool for educations and students, as well as law enforcement, corrections, private security, first responders, social service and healthcare professionals, judges, court, administrators and many more.