Gellhorn and Byse's Administrative Law, Cases and Comments, 12th by Strauss, Rakoff, Metzger, Barron, and O'Connell

Foundation Press
Primary Subject
Administrative Law
University Casebook Series
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A new 13th edition of the casebook will be published in February 2023 and available for your upcoming courses.

The 12th edition of this comprehensive casebook draws both from its history and current debates to create a lively and rich set of materials appropriate for introductory as well as advanced courses. In addition, the new edition of the casebook offers a leaner presentation of many topics and more cues for helping students process the materials.

With two new editors, this latest edition offers major changes including:
  • new substantial chapter on legislative process and statutory interpretation (opening and closing with problems rather than judicial opinions) so that the casebook can be used for an introductory legislation and regulation course
  • new introductory case study on the Department of Transportation's regulation of commercial airlines' tarmac delays
  • new streamlined chapter that combines separate previous chapters on adjudication and due process
  • new cases throughout that are more accessible and engaging for students
  • more primary materials outside of judicial decisions (including statutes, administrative materials, and complaints)
  • discussion of President Trump's Administration in many areas (including presidential power, rulemaking, and transparency)
  • streamlining of notes, with more emphasis on strategic choices by agencies and challengers to agency action, across all three branches

The new edition retains the casebook's classic cases and commentary as well as its modular approach—allowing instructors to choose the order of topics. Although there is considerable new material, the casebook's arrangement remains stable, facilitating continued use by those who have adopted the 11th edition.

Going forward, the casebook will be updated at least annually through a free on-line supplement for students.