Friedenthal, Miller, Sexton, Hershkoff's Civil Procedure: Cases and Materials, Compact Edition for Shorter Courses, 12th

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Civil Procedure
American Casebook Series
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The Compact Twelfth Edition of this very popular casebook is designed for three- or four-credit civil procedure courses. It provides a framework for studying the essential and cutting-edge issues of civil procedure in an accessible but rigorous way. The materials are designed to reinforce doctrinal understanding, to foster case reading skills, to encourage critical thinking and an appreciation of the real-world context of procedural decisions, and to help develop a sense of litigation strategy.

The casebook covers all of the major topics that a professor might wish to teach in a one-semester course of varied practical or theoretical emphases. A supplement provides important teaching material, including all updated Federal Rules, federal statutes and constitutional provisions pertinent to procedure, the pleadings in Twombly and Iqbal, state materials, a litigation flow-chart, and other important teaching tools.

New materials include: notes on Supreme Court cases on general jurisdiction; materials on virtual contacts in personal jurisdiction; extensive materials the 2015 amendments to discovery practice, including e-discovery; the NFL concussion litigation; and, the emergence of multi-district litigation as a significant method of group litigation.